April 13, 2006 – June 3, 2006

Seven writer performers take to the bare stage to share personal stories. Full lineup:

God Don’t Like Ugly by Caitlin Savage

Bernadine and Dina by Dina Connolly

Wide Open Beaver Shot of My Heart (A Comedy with a Body Count) by Ian Belknap

My Life in Jeopardy by Scott Hermes

It Ain’t No Fairytale by Lusia Strus

I’m Fine and I’m Happy by Megan Stielstra

I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes by Chloe Johnston

Artistic Team


Ian Belknap

Writer, Performer

Caitlin Savage

Writer, Performer

Megan Stielstra

Writer, Performer

Lusia Strus

Writer, Performer

Scott Hermes

Writer, Performer

Dina Marie Walters

Writer, Performer

Chloe Johnston

Writer, Performer