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October 31


60 minutes

Contact The Neo-Futurist staff with any questions about content, trigger-warnings and physical accessibility (M-F 10a-6p)

Thursday, October 31, one-night-only on HALLOWEEN!

Close your eyes, walk outside, delve into the unexpected and hell why not sneak up behind yourself and say BOO for this year’s Halloween — Join The Neo-Futurists for NIGHT OF THE LIVING WRENCH!


Brutalize the senses with a special Halloween horde of 30 plays performed in 60 merciless minutes, with a wrench that reaches up and grabs your ankle from the dark, dark earth. These plays explore the macabre, the strange, the unknowable terrors in the back of your mind. Expect dark humor, heavy metal and existential dread. Also, there will be candy.

Cast includes: Trevor Dawkins, Nick Hart, Joanna Jamerson, Trent Lunsford, and Leah Urzendowski (w/ Kate Hardiman in the booth).


Tickets are $20. Click above on the button “Buy Tickets” and reserve your seats now! 

Night of the Living Wrench is a special, curated version of our ongoing, ever-changing show THE INFINITE WRENCH, playing 50 of 52 weeks throughout the year. Find out more about TIW here.

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