On Saturday, October 20th, 2012 more than 100 guests attended The Neoccasion: Raucous in the Caucus to celebrate The Neo-Futurists. Through the support of many passionate individuals, we are pleased to report that The Neoccasion raised $15,000 to support the work created by our Ensemble. We are grateful to everyone who helped make The Neoccasion a success.


Jack and Mary Connelly

Dhiren Jhaveri

Jim and Joan McArdle

Midland National

Steve and Betsy Peterson

Christan and Hille Sheppard



American Express

Ross Berger

Stephen Burns

Mandy Corrado and Michael Gutwaks

Jeffrey J. Halerz

Jocelyn Lally and Tim Sarrantonio

Dan McArdle

Sean and Victoria Wiedel