We’re raising money to make some facility upgrades to our space, which includes the Theater, State Park and bathrooms. These improvements will offer heightened comfort and functionality for anyone who experiences our theater and our work.


  • Refurbished floors for the State Park.
  • Focusable lighting for the State Park.
  • New furnace to heat both the State Park and the Theater.
  • Clean drywall in the State Park, offering a system to hang visual art, production information and company history.
  • Sound dampening on the walls, ideal for when we have workshops and rehearsals going on at the same time.
  • New speakers for the Theater, and refurbishing the current set to serve the State Park.
  • Sparkly new tile and fixtures for the bathrooms.
  • Pivoting projector that can be focused on any wall in the State Park.
  • Storage space for sets & props.
  • New digital photobooth to entertain as you wait for the show to start.
  • Room divider in the State Park, allowing two rehearsals or workshops simultaneously.
  • New A/C system for the State Park.

So what does all of this do?

Suddenly our space is activated, in useful and purposeful ways. New floors and walls offer a clean place to work, learn and experience. Track lighting provides ways to inform our audiences of upcoming productions, or to showcase visual art by our ensemble or artistic affiliates. Quality speakers let us turn it to “11,” and let you hear it at “11.” HVAC heats up our winters, and cools down our summers. Essentially, things get better.

To learn more, or to make a contribution, visit our IndieGoGo Campaign.