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December 8


60 mins

Contact The Neo-Futurist staff with any questions about content, trigger-warnings and physical accessibility (M-F 10a-6p)

TIW24: Made in 24 Hours is the culminating event of The Neo-Futurist’s annual fundraiser, as we set out to raise $30,000 at the close of our 30th Anniversary!

On Sunday, December 8, The Neo-Futurists will perform 30 world premiere plays, written and rehearsed in only 24-hour’s time. This is the 3rd attempt at such a feat — previous attempts yielded spectacular results of performance, from one-time-only physical stunts, to sleep-deprived harebrained ideas, to quiet moments of reflection and earnestness. TIW24 is our grand, high-octane way of celebrating our audience and community as we enter another decade of Neo-Futurist theater!

// TIW24 is Sunday, December 8th @ 7:00PM // at The Neo-Futurist Theater, 5153 N. Ashland // $45, or fundraise your contribution by joining the Crowdrise team here.

Buy a ticket to TIW24 and support our mission to create immediate, essential and activating theater for everybody!

Visit our Crowdrise page and learn more about the campaign, including how you can participate yourself!


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