May 7, 2015 – June 17, 2015

You can’t con an honest man… But honest men don’t go to the theatre. Only degenerates who pay to be lied to. Join The Neo-Futurists as they convert their theatre into a cabaret of social experiments, exploring the history and mechanics of confidence games traveling from the lovable grifters of the 1920s to the stock market swindlers of today. Using personal narrative, dance and deception, games of chance and a live band, this two-man show looks at the past to better understand the present. Come with a dollar and you may just leave with two.

Trust us this evening as we distract you to the best of our ability, performing (with musical accompaniment) certain histories, mechanisms, techniques, and terminologies laid down by the American Confidence Man and performed in the spirit of the great American tradition, with larceny in our hearts and a simple guarantee that with your assistance, we may or may not screw you.

Artistic Team


John Szymanski


Phil Ridarelli

Creator / Performer

Dan Kerr-Hobert

Creator / Performer