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100 Cooks in the Kitchen: A Micro-Film Festival Made By You

presented by The Neo-Futurist Theater & Metropolitan Brewing


BLOOMIN’ ONIONS – 5:00-6:00
The Great Hook & Loop - Tyler Felson
pain play - Taylor Feld
Sharing kisses with my friend in a pandemic - Nozizwe Msipa
Finally making good on that promise - Sam
Now It's Time To Get Funky (Director's Commentary).mp4 - Grey Smith
No Less You - Perry Hunt
Peanut Butter Winner - Emma Younger
Words Worn - Lauren Memery
Hi, Mom. I'm Angry. And Fragmented. - A.B. Harrison
The Report - John Denny
WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE - Kevin Michael Wesson
What the Voice Sang as the Fog Lifted - Wyatt McCall
Dreaming in Past Tense - @zackpeercy
A Blessing - Jamal Rogers
I am Tofu - Steve Freeto
Isobel's 2021 Collection - Isobel Duncan
After a year and a half of therapy, this is the hardest pill to swallow - Lara Johnson
Chin Up - D.T. Burns
over a year ago I had a play idea to write how I felt on a playing card each week for a year because there's 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year but I quickly forgot to do that but then I realized I did something way cooler on accident - Emma Marie Montoya
Learning American History as a Minority - Adonis Holmes
Please enjoy my professional manicure - Kristen Studard
Emoji Run - Zoey
Contortionists Are Monks - KC Hyland
#76d7ea (Sky Blue) - Josie Benedetti
Breathing Record - 11/29/2020 - Neil Bhandari
LIVESTREAM - Ida Cuttler
Pandemic of Mine from You - Trevor Dawkins
Media-Life Crisis - Bilal Dardai
Personal Growth - Kiel Howe
old bainbridge road - Jasmine Henri Jordan

How Zoom Dates Go from Someone who Rejoined the Dating Pool after 14ish years
Super Duper
how to remember your grandmother on the fifth anniversary of her passing
the tools of the masters
Clown Eat Cereal Mime Eat Cereal
12/2020: Carol for Mom
Like Them
The Mask
Getting Clean(er)
One Songs?
Plunge Into 2021
Real quotes from rich people adjusting to living in their second homes full-time while I, too, adjust to my second home (confirmed)
Vaccine Cookies
coordination of tenses
Cricket Hill
Forced Creativity
Reasons to smile
Plaque Kills
Holy Inappropriate
A Lush, Green Landscape for the End of my Days
In the Big Blackout

Pilate & Christ Clown Parody
Playground Placenta
Four hands washing each other
I’ll Never See This Again
The lead single from my fictional riot grrrl band, inspired by the incompetence of our company’s diversity trainer:
The Debate
When you die does it feel like flying?
How to Wake Up
The Barista Dream Ballet
The Fuck I Look Like
Morning Routine
Cunty Trees
Sleap, wite OR mr rideralli and mr raccoon
Ryan Walters Hommade Daredevil
How to Fake a Smile
(my first play? or all seasons???)
align me like the calf brother
modern cartography
Impermanence Fits (after Meredith Graves)
Segment from “If the Table Moves (a play on zoom)”
No Inspiration
Queen Victoria’s Account of the Mystery of Lady Elizabeth
Fake Red Wings
Intimacy Deconstructed
Hedgehogs in the Quarantine Silence
In Her Wake
Row to Hoe
The Televangelist That Haunts Me Endlessly
Project 28: I Don’t Speak Russian
Happy Spleenaversary!
Building the Water Slide of my Dreams
Nik & Jorge Have An Out of Context Conversation Regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Aliens on the Moon
Joan of Hearts
theatre is a lighthouse, the rat king
You Shouldn’t Open Your Eyes Underwater (confirmed)
Stop-Motion Theatre Presents: New Context for a Childhood Classic OR Toy Story
Was Made, Is Here, is Good (confirmed)
head cleaner (remake)
For My Lifetime…and Theirs
Chef Neeber Makes a Hotdog
in the middle of the night