Abby Pajakowski

Education Lead

Ensemble since 2020

The following is a list. For you. To get for me. From the Jewel Osco on West Main Street in Barrington, Illinois. Walking distance from the home on Coolidge Avenue. The store with the air on so high, you shiver upon entry.

My list is a simple one:
Campbells (trademark?!?**?tm??) Chicken Soup with Stars. Three hundred and sixty five cans please.

I need them all today, so I ask you kindly but firmly to figure it out.

A kid with a flu, I ate the soup and stars whole and they came right back up. I looked into the vom-bucket and there they were – tiny, floating stars.

I would like the cans from the JewelOscoOnWestMainStreetinBarringtonIllinois so that I may drink a can a day, swiveling them in my mouth, sliding them down my throat, swimming them back up again, and spewing them out – flying, wet, brilliant little stars.

~ ~ ~
Abby Pajakowski loves doing lots of things. She has been making clown plays with Will Sonheim for five years, including their full-length show The King. Occasionally, you can find her as her teenage boy alter-ego Dennis with the pop-punk cover band Thanks 4 Nothing Dad. She received her M.A. in Applied Theatre and the Criminal Justice System. She has been creating theatre with imprisoned adults and young people for three years, working weekly with the amazing artists and women in MCC Federal Prison in downtown Chicago – a facility that is a fifteen minute walk from the mayor’s office. She likes vomit jokes, pitchers of beer shared by a group of people who know each other’s secrets, and reality television.