Ale Ramirez

Ensemble since 2020

A radio that only plays “Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root on loop, with brief breaks for commercials in Spanish.

Kinda straight teeth then kinda crooked teeth then very straight teeth then kinda crooked teeth.

Three sets of arms in total, one reaching out, one doing the “Removable thumb” trick, one holding hands.

Conchas, almond milk, bean and cheese tamales, quesadillas with Pico de gallo, and soggy sandwiches on the beach full of rice and beans and crushed Doritos.

The option to leave but the choice to stay.

A big toe with a scar running down it.




Ale Ramirez is a performer/writer who’s never had to write a bio before, so bear with them. After growing up in the suburbs, Ale has spent the last year and a half taking classes and performing across the Chicago theater scene. Ale has graduated from the Annoyance Training Center and is currently an ensemble member of both Playmaker’s Lab and the StopMotionPlant Company.