Annie Share

Associate Artistic Director

Ensemble since 2020

Annie has been working on her posture for a while now. A chiropractor once likened her back to a sinking ship. She didn’t take it personally and appreciated the metaphor, even though she doesn’t particularly like the sea. Annie does love the lake. And yes, she knows that ships can also be found on lakes, but it’s less likely because they’re overrun by boats. That’s probably where her poor posture comes from in the first place – biking by the lake, or getting into the water when it’s too cold so her shoulders jump up to her ears and stay there. 

Annie also thinks that everything could use a little bit more garlic salt. 


Annie Share is a writer and performer from Minneapolis, MN. She received her BA in Sociology and Urban Development from Clark University in 2018. Since then, Annie has studied at the iO Theater and regularly performs at improv, comedy, and storytelling shows throughout Chicago.