Ida Cuttler

Ensemble 2014 – 2022

Ida would love to have job at a bakery shop that she lives above full of homemade sweet treats like strawberry tartlets and mini eclairs. Ida didn’t make them. Someone with great baking skills made them. And Ida would hand out these treats to her friends for free, whenever they came in, because her boss is this hip bohemian lady who: “is totally cool with it” and: “besides, she’s like, never around.” Ida would seriously LOVE it if she had had an upbringing where she was raised by one poet father and one mechanic uncle so she would be good with couplets AND fine motor skills AND explaining complicated family dynamics. Alas, over the course of Ida’s life through a series of fancy art schools and goofy theater groups and people telling her “SHHH” on the bus: Ida realized she was destined for the stage as a writer, performer, and general loudmouth.

Ida Cuttler is a performer, writer, and arts educator. She is also a company member of “Barrel of Monkeys” and teaches creative writing in Chicago Public Schools. Before moving to Chicago in 2013, she spent three years studying theater in Los Angeles, California. Ida Cuttler is currently working on her first full length Neo-futurist show entitled “Comfortable Shoes” which will premiers in the fall of 2019.