Jasmine Henri Jordan

Ensemble since 2017

Jasmine doesn’t like competition but Jasmine likes to win. Three, two, one: you lose.

Jasmine is sorry about a lot of things. Sorry about the mess. Sorry about climate change.

Jasmine thinks that you’re wrong about Kim Kardashian West.

Jasmine has a list and you are on it. Congrats.

Jasmine always feels like she has to lie to people about how cute their dog is.

If Jasmine was an animal, she’d be a human. If she was a food, she’d be a human with a side salad.

Jasmine really likes her mom.

Jasmine doesn’t have a lot of “skills,” but is really good at bullshitting. Shit, she hopes her mom doesn’t read this. Her mom doesn’t like it when she says “shit.”

One time, when trying to be sexy, Jasmine said to a partner “tell me what you like about me” and they responded that she was “goal-oriented.”


Jasmine Henri Jordan is a performer, writer, teaching artist and gemini. She also creates performances with a collective called Hot Kitchen. She received her BA in Theatre and Humanities from Florida State University. Jasmine is especially interested in creating work that critiques pop culture and makes messes.