Joanna Jamerson

Ensemble since 2017

wake up from a dream about going to the grocery store
turn off wake up/pill alarm, but don’t take pill right away
reach for phone to make a note before it’s forgotten,
there was something important from the dream that needs to be taken down,

“plastic mountains of the same colored ninjas”
“i gave birth to wanda sykes”
“become a nomad with no real home. have anxiety about pooping in places that aren’t your home. ‘Never Gonna Poop Again’ set to the tune of ‘Never Gonna Love Again’ by Swedish singer Lykke Li”

get up and do bathroom things, but not too many or in any particular order
go outside and say hello to the plants
pay special attention to tomatoes, some have rotten bottoms
make mental note to look up “rotten bottomed tomatoes”
get distracted by alley KITTENS (there’s a grey one, an orange one, and a black one, and they’re all best friends)
forget about the tomatoes

go back inside
take pill with instant oatmeal stolen from a friend while dogsitting
think about the shih tzu (her name is Stormy and she is perfect)
lay back down, exhausted from the last 20-30 minutes
take a nap with the hope that the grocery store dream will pick up right where it left off


Joanna was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She studied film, photography, and art in college. She studied comedy, writing, and improv after college. Joanna hopes to use everything she’s learned to become the “comedy art person” she’s always wanted to be.