Juliet Barrett

General Manager

I’ve had more jobs than years I’ve been alive which means I will always choose the option that teaches me the most.

On my best days I am a clown who stops for flowers.

In between I am a rocking chair lingering on the front porch asking you to sit and visit for a spell.

Right now I am Juliet, an advanced beginner practicing mental handstands at the heart of curiosity.

You can find me weaving webs of community while performing standup in your neighbor’s backyard, crafting my monthly newsletter, painting a mural on the side of your child’s school, or sweeping the floors of the Neo-futurarium.

Juliet (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Theatre & Drama from Indiana University. They work across visual art, performance, and writing with an emphasis on collage as process. They’ve been performing devised ensemble and solo work since they moved to Chicago 7 years ago; collaborating with Haven Chicago, Prop Theatre, and The New Coordinates as well as DIY spaces including Salonathon, The Fly Honeys, Babywine Comedy, Potluck Variety Hour, Welcome To The Backyard, 2nd Floor Rear Fest, Stage X Screen, and the You’re So Special Show. Learn more about their work at JulietBarrettCreative.com