Leah Urzendowski

Ensemble since 2011

I am most comfortable in overalls and button down shirts, and an excellent road trip partner

I was born on a foldout couch in Omaha, NE, detassled in the cornfields as a first job, and tricked into watching Star Wars

I like running, but not as much as I say I do, lifting heavy things to prove a point, box fans on long extension cords, and beet salad

I know exactly what a peacock sounds like, how good dark chocolate almond milk tastes, and that mixing bleach and ammonia is a bad idea

I want to yell, take up space, and disappear – all at the same time.


Leah Urzendowski is a founding member of The Ruffians, and an ensemble member with the Chicago Neo-futurists since 2011.  Most, she recently co-created, wrote and performed “The? Unicorn? Hour?” at the Neo-futurists. Some of Leah’s other Chicago credits include Jeff recommended Mr. Burns (Theatre Wit); Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, Miss Neo Pageant, (The Neo- Futurists); Burning Bluebeard (The Ruffians); 500 Clown Trapped, 500 Clown Frankenstein, 500 Clown Macbeth (500 Clown); Moby Dick, Dustbowl Gothic (The Building Stage); Hunchback (Redmoon). Choreography and movement direction credits include The Magic Play (Goodman), Lord of The Flies (Steppenwolf), Ivywild (Hypocrites), Miss Neo Pageant (The Neo-Futurists), and Burning Bluebeard (The Ruffians, The Neo-Futurists).  TV and film credits include Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, ER, and “Operator” and “Beats”. Leah is a teaching artist with The Ruffians, Chicago Neo-futurists, and Team Awesome, specializing in physical theatre, ensemble and partnership building, clown, movement, and movement consulting. She received her BFA from Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, and is represented by Paonessa.