Noelle Krimm

Active Ensemble 1999 – 2008

How Well Do You Know Noelle?

Answer the following questions to find out how well you know Noelle.

1) Noelle was born and raised in a small city in central Florida. Name the city. (Hint: there are lots of lakes there)

2) Noelle went to one college and one state university in Florida. Name one of the two.

3) Noelle appeared for two years as the female lead in the Country’s longest running outdoor drama. Name the show and the role.

4) What year did Noelle join the Neo-Futurist ensemble?

5) What is Noelle’s favorite salad?

6) What is Noelle’s nickname (used by many of Noelle’s friends but none of Noelle’s family.)

7) If Noelle fell down in a forest and you weren’t around to hear her, would you care at all?

8) If Noelle was a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

Send your answers to Noelle and find out how well you know Noelle and to receive the correct answers. Answer all eight questions correctly will receive your very own restraining order.