Trent Lunsford

Ensemble 2017-2022

1. Kick-flip. 

2. Blissful weeks before realizing the mermaid documentary was fake. 

3. Triple pirouette. 

4. Estranged. 

5. Stung by the same bee twice. 

6. For a while you could see the bone- no skin at all covering the nose- walking around with a wide open head. Now- the bone, size of a baby shark tooth, is in a zip lock bag hanging on the fridge in my mom’s house.

 7. Code name: Iodine-Fish-Nuts.

8. Weirdly shaped butt that rejects pants. 

9. respice in me et nunc quid tibi

10. Veteran audience participant. 

11. *deleted*

12. *deleted*

13. Code name: Trompt. Trontles. TA. The Trent. Tront. Hollywood.  F*&($N Trent. 

14. Make a mask of your own face and wear it around. 

15. World without end. Amen. 

Trent Lunsford is a founder of the National Cool Theater where he directed ‘The Football Play’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Uncle Vanya’. He has performed in ‘The Arrow Cracks’ and ‘It Came from the Neo-Futurarium’ with The Neo-Futurists and works as a movement therapist specializing in the Feldenkrais method.