Thank you for your interest in auditioning for The Neo-Futurists!


All applications have been received (including yours) and are currently under review. You will be notified no later than January 15th whether or not we are able to offer you a slot for this round of auditions. While we would love to see everyone, there is limited space. Thank you again for the time and thought you put into the application, and know that we will keep all headshots/pictures/resumes on file for consideration toward other projects.

Applicants not initially scheduled for these round of auditions will be offered a spot on the waitlist.


A Few More Details:

While your slot is not yet confirmed, you are welcome to start thinking about what to prepare for your audition. Here is what we ask for:

  • Prepare an original piece, two minutes maximum, written by you and for you, that you feel would be appropriate in the show The Infinite Wrench. Familiarity with TIW, while not essential, will help you construct your piece. 
  • Prepare a writing portfolio of no longer than 7-10 pages to submit. This may include poems, prose, essays, scripts or screenplays–anything that you feel strongly showcases your voice, style, and perspective as a writer. Writing additional short TIW plays or “wrenches” to include in your portfolio is highly encouraged! Writing that you’ve done in collaboration is acceptable, but know that writing for TIW is primarily an individual task.
  • Our work celebrates honesty, brevity, risk and chance. We don’t play characters and we speak directly to the audience. To see these practices in action, we highly encourage you to attend The Infinite Wrench any Friday or Saturday at 10:30 & Sunday at 7:00. Email and we’ll book you a ticket for *free*.


Thanks again! We look forward to reviewing your application.

 ~ The Neo-Futurist Ensemble


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