How to Volunteer for TML

Volunteers are expected to arrive at the theater at the following times:
Friday: 10:15 p.m.
Saturday: 10:15 p.m.
Sunday: 6:00 p.m.

If for ANY REASON you are going to be late, even 5 or 10 minutes, please contact us immediately at 773.275.5255


Pre-Show Responsibilities

Prior to the doors to the theater opening at 11 p.m. (6:30 p.m. on Sundays), volunteers are expected to complete the following tasks:

  • Write the titles to the plays neatly on the back of the numbers to be hung on the clothesline.
  • Check paper towel/toilet paper in the bathrooms, replenish as necessary.
  • Arrange chairs and tables in the State Park in friendly groupings that also provide a clear path to exits.
  • Make sure all lights between the kitchen and the State Park are turned on. Make sure the lights in the bathrooms are turned on as well.


Selling Snacks

Each night, there will be one volunteer – you – and a house manager. The house manager will be taking care of the tokens and speech, you will take care of the snacks. Thus, you are the SNACKER!The Snacker hangs out behind the counter in our kitchen selling snacks and drinks and answering the many questions of our audience in the time between when we open our doors to when the show actually begins. Responsibilities include…

  • Display all snacks and drinks on the kitchen counter.
  • Display price sign.
  • Ask the House Manager to give you the “snack bank” (the envelope with $100.00 cash that allows you to make change)
  • Turn on the sound system so that there is music in the kitchen and State Park.


During Pre-Show and Rolling:

  • Sell snacks and drinks, answer audience questions.
  • Turn off the music when the ensemble begins rolling.
  • Know how to get into the Green Room and find the ensemble if there is an emergency or something going on you think they should know about. At any other time the Green Room should not be entered.


Questions you might be asked:

  • How much are these snacks?
  • Everything is $1


  • Where’s the Bathroom?
  • Back down the hall of presidents at the top of the stairs where you came in.


  • Do I pay you?
  • Only if you want a snack! You’ll pay for your entrance to the show inside the State Park.


  • Are food and drinks allowed?
  • Yes!


  • Can I bring my beer?
  • No! We don’t allow alcohol of any kind in the building. But you can put it in the fridge (if there is space) to get when the show is over.


  • I bought a ticket for the show already online, do you have it?
  • Nope! You should have picked this up from the House Manager downstairs.  Go see them!


  • Can I buy some merchandise?
  • Yes! After the show we will have a variety of merch available for purchase in the State Park


  • Is this show kid friendly?
  • We generally say that the show is usually a PG-13 you can’t believe didn’t get an R rating.  On an average night, expect a healthy amount of swearing and topics that could make your grandmother blush (unless she’s super cool, in which case, carry on).  Sometimes the show even contains super explicit material and partial or full frontal, suspended nudity.  It all depends on the menu.  We recommend the show for 14 and up, but leave this up to parents to decide.  If you’re feeling concerned, chat with one of the ensemble members rolling people in about the content in the show this evening.


Deal and Discounts you should know about:

Maven Membership Program:

What to watch for as a Snacker: If they say they are a Maven, they get ONE free concession.

Rest of rules:
• (2) FREE admissions to every Neo-Futurist Prime Time shows (including Summer Programs)
• When attending Too Much Light Maven and (1) guest pay the original 1988 price of $1 x the roll of a 6-sided die.
• Purchase advance tickets to Too Much Light for $10 with roll-back refund of $1 x 6-sided die roll cash back (making tickets $4-$9 depending on luck)
• (1) Free concession item every time Maven attends any Neo-Futurist event
• 15% Discount on all Neo-Futurist Classes/Workshops/Intensives
• 25% Discount on all Neo-Futurist Merchandise
• 2-for-1 tickets to any NY Neo-Futurist Production (excluding December performances)
• Exclusive Discounts/Offers throughout the year


Before going in to see the show:

  • Restock the drinks in the fridge.
  • Put away the snacks and the sign under the counter.
  • Give the snack bank to a roller on your way into the theater.


After the show:

After the performance concludes, the volunteer helps out by:

  • Collecting discarded menus from the house between seats and adding them to the recycling bin.
  • Picking up any trash left behind in the house and discarding it.
  • Unsticking any stickers left on seats in the theater
  • Asking an ensemble member if they need any additional help

At any point an ensemble member may go ahead and dismiss you for the evening, even if there is still basic work to be done.  We just ask that volunteers follow these requests and head on home once they’ve been dismissed.



Dress code? Nope! Come as you are!

Age Limit? For volunteers we request that you be 18 years or older.

Can I bring a friend? Yes, as long as you are still able to do your basic tasks and duties for the evening.  They’ll need to grab a regular token from the House Manager so their seat is accounted for.

Can my friend get in free too? No.

Can I bring two friends? Nope, that’s just getting a bit too crazy.

Can I hang out in the Green Room (dressing room) with the cast? No. This space is our sacred place, and may only be entered in the case of an emergency. Please find a House Manager if you think you need to enter this space.

Will this help me become a Neo-Futurist someday? Only if you also build your own writing and performing career, audition and then get cast like everybody has!