What Others Are Saying

“THREE STARS! Euphorically sweaty, unexpectedly thought-provoking...insanely fun. This might be the closest equivalent I've seen of a summer popcorn movie on stage.”

- Chicago Tribune
Nina Metz

“Inventive and impressively executed fight choreography...a reflective, gently self-mocking ensemble piece that lands as many laughs as it does punches.”

- TimeOut Chicago
Kris Vire

“MUST-SEE! A delightful bit of good-hearted silliness...an absolutely enjoyable ride.”

- Centerstage Chicago
Rory Leahy

“[A] sublime ensemble. Spectacular...the feats are timed to perfection. HAYMAKER is the summer flick to see.”

- The Fourth Walsh
Katy Walsh

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Openly hilarious in its humor, skillful in its physical metaphor and mind-boggingly smart in its fighting.”

- Chicago Theatre Review
Ben Kemper

“Precision-choreographed physicality taken to evermore operatic extravagance...there's no denying the visceral exhilaration of almost non-stop acrobatics executed at barely arm's distance.”

- Windy City Times
Mary Shen Barnidge

“"Smart choreography and satire with a heart...a hero's journey worth taking."”

- Chicago Theatre Beat
Clint May

“A smorgasbord of physical activity and comic ingenuity...The Neo-Futurists have outdone themselves.”

- Sheridan Road
Brian Kirst


May 22 - July 11 2014

Running Time: 100 minutes, no intermission
Appropriate for ages 14 and up

NOW EXTENDED THROUGH JULY 11!   Trevor examines his fascination with physical combat by staging Tears of Shanghai, an action movie he wrote when he was 13 years old. Casting himself as Russell Dakota, a grizzled maverick hiding out in 1930s Shanghai while evading the Nazis, Trevor creates a world where the line between right and wrong is clearly defined. Within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, Haymaker is a platform to explore our urge to be a hero. Expect intricate staging and visceral choreography, combined with absurd humor and unabashed nerddom.

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