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“Every night of the week in Chicago, you can see someone's life story told or read aloud to you, from a stage. They're bite-sized and endearing, they're a good reason to leave the house. This show, though, is a reminder of what you can do with a life story when you push the work harder and farther, all the way to the edges.”

- WriteClub Producer
Lindsay Muscato

“[Jessica Anne] marries her tale to a genuine theatrical fiction—Marsha Norman's 'Night, Mother—which she by turns respects, inverts, and subverts. [...] it's funny, cunning, witty, literally splashy, and exhilarating in its reckless reverence for the truth. ”

- Chicago Reader
Tony Adler

“MIKE MOTHER weaves in and out of the present moment and current reality, leaving in its wake open wounds, left gaping so they can be pointed at and acknowledged that they gape on purpose by their poetic author, all of it charged by the electricity coming off of a very energetic opening night crowd. The Neos’ community knows best about the strength and vulnerability required for their brand of immediacy.”

- Perform.Ink [STAFF PICK]
Tonika Todorova

“Slipping and sliding, often literally, from Anne’s knotty relationship with her mother to pop culture nods and wildlife documentary clips, [Jessica Anne] seems to bring her powerful, poetic script to life with bolts of lightening.”

- TimeOut Chicago
Gwen Purdom

“[★★★] What resonates most strongly afterward isn't the central tale but the strategies — fictive and otherwise — that helped Anne (and, by implication, the rest of us) rearrange a manic and disturbing past into a more hopeful present-day narrative.”

- Chicago Tribune
Kerry Reid

“The gifted storyteller provides a provocative narrative [...] quirky, quizzical, mélange of a journey. ”

- Third Coast Review

Mike Mother

April 28 - June 4 2016

Running Time: 90 minutes

Exploring the tension between fiction and non-fiction, Jessica Anne’s Mike Mother weaves theater, writing, and film into the lies that cripple memories, the truth that haunts our tales, and all the gaps in between. Mike Mother is a poetic dumpster dive into Jessica Anne’s childhood, a lyrical picture of motherhood thrown to the wolves. Equal parts psychological thriller, live-action-film, and genre-bending performance, Mike Mother laser-focuses Jessica Anne’s signature style into a torrent of language that slices away at her past in an attempt to create something new.



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