Jessica Anne

Active Ensemble 2006 – 2012

Jessica Anne returns as a cast member in The Egg Wrench! (May 12)

Current Bio:

Jessica Anne has been a Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member since 2006, regularly rotating in and out of the long running Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: 30 Plays In 60 Minutes, in Chicago and throughout the country. She has collaborated on several Neo-Futurist prime-time productions including Analog and The Miss Neo Pageant. As an actor she’s worked with The Hypocrites. As a live lit performer she has read at The Paper Machete and Write Club, and is the co-editor of One Night Only, a magazine of live, literary culture. Anne holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University. Her first book, A MANUAL FOR NOTHING, is scheduled to be published by Noemi Press in Spring, 2017.

Original Bio:

My name is Jessica Anne. Yes, Anne is my last name. It used to be my middle name, but now it’s my last name. I could explain the horrible details in this bio, but I think maybe I should just write a play about it instead.

Anyway, I never completed the 8th grade, or college for that matter. But, I had a lovely time in high school, where I boldly attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Sometimes I still accidentally start to go there in the morning. Without the time I spent there I never would have become a person, let alone an artist, or a mother of three beautiful unborn children. And I was also a cherub. That’s another experience I can’t seem to shake.

It’s that sticky July that taught me how to get out of bed, something that has always been hard for me. And whenever things get bad I just smash a coconut cream pie in my face, and find something larger than life that is willing to lick it off.

I also file headshots whenever someone asks me nicely. I like staring at those glossy enigmas until my eyes glaze over and I'm drunk on humanity.

I’ve also been known to wear a lot of black and push furniture around. I think run crew is fun. It puts things into perspective.

I’m also a nude model and a barista. But that’s all I have to say about that.

I have two brothers that I love more than anybody has ever loved anything. Ever.

I grew up on the far south side of Chicago, most of the time.

I’m so excited to be performing in Too Much Light. I think I might throw up.

And this bio is dedicated to Joe Dempsey. He has a black power over me. I’ll explain later.