Neo-Lab presents: Tangles & Plaques, The Second Showing

March 11th, 7:30pm

Created by Kirsten Riiber

Directed by Jen Ellison

Featuring Kaitlyn Andrews, Ida Cuttler, Justin Deming, Mike Hamilton, Nick Hart, Dan Kerr-Hobert, Kirsten Riiber

Tangles & Plaques, The Second Showing (3/11)

In its second showing, Tangles & Plaques continues the attempt to demystify the experience of dementia in the language of theatre — offering a participatory experience that is unique to each audience and different every night. Ensemble Member Kirsten Riiber and Memory Care Director Alex Schwaninger conduct a symphony of impossible tasks and egregious forgery; with the audience’s help, the cast interrogates the idea that a memory can be re-created and become more meaningful when shared with a room full of strangers.


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