What Others Are Saying

“RECOMMENDED! Cunning... clever... The Neo-Futurists deliver a full serving of their usual non-narrative, deconstructionist investigations.”

- NewCity
Kaelyn Storme

“THREE STARS! An expert blending of theatrical gamesmanship and honest inquiry... a timely and pungent analysis of how states and citizens become disunited.”

- Chicago Tribune
Kerry Reid

“RECOMMENDED! Intensely personal, at times comic, frequently interactive and darkly existential.”

- Chicago Sun-Times
Hedy Weiss

“Playful and thought-provoking...a fun and shining example of Neo-Futurism at its best.”

- Gaper's Block
Jeanne Newman

“It’s smart stuff, and fun to watch... [a] Pirandello-like take on theatrical politics and the politics of theater.”

- TimeOut Chicago
Suzanne Scanlon

“THREE AND 1/2 STARS! Innovative...[with an] exceptional cast...conveys a poignant message about the illusion of choice.”

- Chicago Theater Beat
Keith Glab

“Grounded in a truer, deeper honesty... takes a jokey experiment in self-government and refracts it back on the whole of history with unsettling results.”

- Centerstage
Alex Huntsberger

“Blazing theatrical brilliance... compelling and delightful... a dynamic and unexpected evening.”

- Chicago Stage Standard
David Zak

“A splendidly funny laugh-out-loud evening about serious subjects.”

- Windy City Times
Jonathan Abarbanel

“Engaging, witty, fun and well-acted... The Neo-Futurists are masters at participative complexity.”

- Sheridan Road
Brian Kirst

“A hilarious satire... intriguing and comical... you will regret it if you don't pay a visit.”

- Showbiz Chicago
Joseph Hillenmeyer

“STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! The story is compelling, the logic delightfully whimsical, and the devil in the details most diligent.”

- Chicago Theatre Review
Ben Kemper

“Thumbs Up... If we had this kind of sophistication in our real politics, we'd be a lot better off.”

- Dueling Critics
Kelly Kleiman

The Sovereign Statement

October 17 - December 14 2013

Running Time: Approximately 100 minutes with no intermission
Most appropriate for ages 14 and up

EXTENDED! Additional performances on Fridays and Saturdays Nov. 29 – Dec. 14!

Using the genre conventions of political thrillers and procedurals, The Neo-Futurists explore the strange phenomenon of “micro-nations” by attempting to establish their theater as an independent state in its own right, utilizing the audience as citizens of the endeavor.

Featuring rapid-fire dialogue and interlocking, simultaneous narratives taking place throughout the space, each evening Dardai and his cohorts proceed to build the basic trappings of a modern nation while fighting against intrigue, paranoia, misinformation, politicking, and revisions to the play itself.

The Sovereign Statement examines not only the birth of nations, but also the circumstances that lead to their fracture and collapse. Can the new Neo-Futurist nation survive? And if so, should it?

The Sovereign Statement has been RECOMMENDED by the Joseph Jefferson Committee.

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