Three Up, One Down; an imagined conversation.

Oh, hi! Hello!

Yes, yes. I remember you. We met at the opening on Monday. Yes! The opening of Haymaker. How are you?

Uh huh.

Uh huh.


Uh huh.

Me? Oh you know, the same thing. Nothing new. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. Oh man, did you hear that the Metropolitan Museum of Art just released a digital archive of 400,000 images into public domain?

As long as you’re not using them to make money, I think you’re fine.

What was that?

Oh, a three. We rolled a three.

You would think so, but sometimes rolling low is harder than rolling high.

Well, for one, there are less spots so there’s zero guarantee that you’ll get a play into the show. I shouldn’t say that. There’s never a week when you are guaranteed to get your work in the show. Sure, odds are if we roll a 12 you’re probably gonna get at least one play in. But, sometimes you don’t! Rolling low may seem like less work for the whole cast but it definitely puts more pressure on you as a writer. Or at least me. It puts a lot more pressure on me. Can you hold my drink for a second? I have to find my phone….

I don’t know if everyone feels this way. You should ask them next time you see them.

Dan, Bilal, Chloe, Kirsten and myself. But you’ve already asked me so no need to ask again. You know, I use to live with a girl named Kirsten. She pronounced it differently, though.

She pronounced it with a “Kerr” as opposed to a “Kear,” if that makes sense.

The plays? Oh, what are they… Oh, yes! My Many, Many Rubicons, season of heat and The #1 Threat

Oh! Also, this is Chloe’s last week. So, you really should come.

It’s was nice meeting you again! Ya, have a good one. I’ll see you around.

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