We’re performing eleven new plays this week, so the cast of Leah, Ida, Kirsten, Bilal, Malic and myself brought in an arsenal of new plays to choose from. Last night, I sat in on a design run of our new upcoming show by Dan and Phil called Trust Us/Screw You. This is also the last weekend to see the new play of our friends at Theater Oobleck Song About Himself which prominently features Neo-Alum Diana Slickman. So therefore the thing that is on my brain is newness. So I’m going to put up here some new writing for a new show that myself and Lily are working on, that will hopefully show up in this fall. I do not know if it will resemble what is below.

That’s like a thing that is in day calendars, yeah? “Treat yourself to something new today.”

See you tonight.



I’ll tell another story.


An eagle flies at a distance, around a cliff where it is nesting. The nest has no baby eagles but it is filled with oranges and clementines, and the eagle comes back to it to feed once in a while. But right now it is flying around the cliff and it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. I know I am jealous of the eagle. I know I would rather be a soaring bird of pray, taking fish from the sea and small mammals from the shores, and take them to my nest, only to find I didn’t need to take care of my sprawl of baby eagles but rather have the fish and the marmots to myself  and follow it with a delicious heart of citrus. What a joy it would be. To have that and nothing else. And to have the face of an eagle. What a joy it would be, I say. Do you want that too? Would you follow me to the end of the country and be an eagle with me? Please bring the oranges and clementines. Because there will be no eagle’s nests with them in there already. And bring a glove. An eagle glove, you know the kind. Because I will need to be perched on you, while I eat my fruits and feed you dead marmot from my mouth.


Back to the preamble. Ok, I should warn you that the next page is going to have so many fucks on it that it’s going to make think twice about what it means to fuck your husband. So, just as a warning, I’m going to tell you, the next page is going to be serious fucks that you can’t handle. Are you ready? Because I think I am. Ok. Here it comes. One, two, three, and, turn the page.

You can do this, too.

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