December 31, 2020

A Begrudging Reflection on the Year that Was, A Trepidatious Acknowledgement of the One to Come, and a Wholehearted Insistence on Shattering the Self-Defeating, Shame-Inducing New Year’s Resolution Industrial Complex, the Neo-Futurists Present a Joyful Explosion out of Tonight and into Tomorrow with 30 Plays in 60 Minutes, or… A Very Neo New Year


Who’s ready for this year to end?!???? Let’s set it ablaze and shove it off to sea.


Thursday, December 31st @ 11PM CST


Join the cast for an evening of thirty effervescent, cork-popping digital plays performed in the last sixty minutes of this nightmare known as the year 2020. We’ve cooked up a special Neo take on BINGO for you to play as you watch; along with prizes, a LIVE countdown and toast at midnight! Gather up your roommates and pets for this head-slappingly affordable (and safe!) New Year’s Eve celebration.


Featuring performances by: Neil Bhandari, Ida Cuttler, Nick Hart, Jasmine Henri Jordan, Abby Pajakowski, Ale Ramirez, Annie Share & Leah Urzendowski. 


Tickets are $5, and *free* to all Patreon subscriberS!


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