March 30

ARTISTIC SUPERPOWERS: How to cultivate and strengthen your emotional peripheral vision

Taught by Neo-Futurist Alum Brenda Arellano





For anyone who has ever stepped on to a stage or in front of a crowd, the energy of an audience is palpable, but what is it exactly? How does a Sunday matinee compare to a late night comedy club? In this workshop taught by Neo-Futurist alum Brenda Arellano, we will discuss what is meant by ‘energy of the space’ and flex the ability to read the room. We will develop and strengthen performance and emotional intuition to be able to adjust to a variety of situations. Actively exploring through games and scenarios, participants will leave with a better understanding of audience cues. We will find ways of squeezing joy or tenderness through a crack of opportunity, finding small and big ways to make an emotional connection. How to hone the skill of listening to an audience, of being with the audience instead of just in front of them. This is a class for students with previous experience onstage: all clowns, actors, dancers, performance artists, and performers are welcome!

The Neo-Futurists Theater

5153 N. Ashland Ave

Chicago, IL 60640


Participants and teachers will wear masks for the duration of the session. Full Covid policy is here