May 13, 2004 – June 19, 2004

Inside My Mouth followed the lives and experiences of four women, from different backgrounds, and their personal examinations of identity, honesty, and their own expectations. Using resources and influences from the world around them (Disney films, childhood novels, Hindu folklore, and Shakespearean heroines), as well as their own histories, the writers of Inside My Mouth used the Neo-Futurist aesthetic to explore question such as: What is an ambivalent lesbian civil-rights housewife? How can an artist also be a good mother? How does an Indian woman raised in a traditional family reconcile her own needs and decisions? When will Barbie ever get fat?

Artistic Team


Siri Sonty

Writer, Performer

Sharon Greene

Writer, Performer

Genevra Gallo-Bayiates

Curator, Writer, Performer

Noelle Krimm

Writer, Performer