February 14

Wrench With Benefits: 30 Plays About Love & Relationships

Written, Directed, & Performed by The Neo-Futurists

// Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day) // 7:30PM (doors open at 6 for preshow reception) // at The Neo-Futurist Theater

Do you enjoy the romantic gestures of Valentine’s Day?

Do you think it’s a capitalist scheme devoid of meaning? Then this is the show for you. In honor of heartbreak and greeting cards, we present to you Wrench With Benefits: 30 Plays About Love & Relationships.


This seductive assortment of plays will explore love in all its many forms, with a pre-show reception of cocktails and light fare. Bring a date, bring your friends, bring yourself!


Tickets are $35 (includes pre-show reception fea. beer from Metropolitan Brewing, spirits from CH Distillery, and cellist Nora Barton!)

Cast includes: Ida Cuttler, Trevor Dawkins, Tif Harrison, Nick Hart, and Joanna Jamerson (w/ Kate Hardiman in the booth.)

Questions? Email us at admin@neofuturists.org, or call the number below (M-F 10a-6p / show dates until 6:45PM)