Deadline to apply is December 23rd, 2021. These scholarships award a tuition amount of $250 towards any and all education classes with the Neo-Futurists. This includes all offerings of Neo-Toolbox classes throughout the year, as well as multi-week Introductory classes that will be offered later in the spring and summer of 2021. This scholarship is available to any POC artists that wish to take a Neo-Futurist class. 


The deadline for Winter 2021 Artists of Color Scholarships is December 23rd, 2021. Apply here. 


Plus, keep reading this letter from former student and scholarship recipient (and current Managing Director of The Neo-Futurists) Jorge Silva, about his experience taking a class. 



I applied for the scholarship at a time where my interest in the Neo-Futurists had peaked, but I was facing a rather challenging period in my personal life where dedicating a substantial amount of my income towards an arts class seemed near impossible. At the time, I was working as a tamalero on 18th street, 60 hours a week with little to no time to explore a full career as an artist.

Once awarded the scholarship and enrolled, the class reignited a passion that I had long lost – the desire to create free of judgment and in a structured enough fashion that energized the writing without a sense of preciousness. The experimental nature of the company’s aesthetic encouraged innovation and individualism and with the support of the dedicated ensemble/instructors, I was free to invest in work that was ultimately my own.

Already frustrated by the lack of inclusion onstage and behind the scenes, creating work through the introductory class at the Neos also realized a personal mission: that I did not have to wait for someone else to present the opportunity to tell my story of Latinidad, rather, I could be that harbinger.


-Jorge Silva

Managing Director of The Neo-Futurists

Unapologetically Bolivian

a play written for Writing & Performing the Two-Minute Play, by Jorge Silva


“I ‘Fink You Freaky” by Die Antwoord plays, Jorge stands at center stage with back to the audience. The ensemble dresses him in an alpaca poncho. He turns and walks downstage, the music stops and says…


Jorge: I once knew a guinea pig named ‘Almuerzo.’


Music resumes, someone throws him a cob of corn and takes a bite before dropping it like a mic.





Scholarships are available for most classes. Limits may apply to when a scholarship can be used based on timing. Contact for inquiries.


Payment Plans and Work Study

If you want to take a class but your financial situation is a barrier, don’t worry. Contact us to discuss your options, including payment plans, work study opportunities, and scholarships.

Nick Hart
Education Lead Coordinator