Ryan Walters

Active Ensemble 2002 – 2015 / Artistic Director 2009 – 2012

Ryan returns as a cast member in The Egg Wrench! (May 12)


— Bio —

My Bio by Ryan Walters

For my bio I have done many things. For example, one summer I worked in a tourist information caboose for the Scottsbluff, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce. Another summer I worked at the Kawasaki factory in Lincoln, Nebraska doing injecting molding for jet ski’s.

I went to college at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, home of the fighting Antelopes, or Lopers. They struck fear into the hearts of their opponents, a fear not unlike being charged by a herd of rabid angry antelopes. In college I was in quite a few plays, and pictures from a couple of shows I was in more than 5 years ago still hang in a hall there. Maybe students look up and think, “Who is that guy?” or “Someday I’m going to be like him.” or “When are they going to take down those pictures?”

If you drive by Kearney, Nebraska on I-80 you will notice a gigantic arch spanning the interstate. It is quite a sight. My college ex-girlfriend (she was a studio arts major) worked on the arch installing displays and one of my college acting teachers can be found every summer at the arch as the Mountain Man! (I’m not making fun of him, he is a great director.) I’ve been a costumed character at a tourist attraction myself! I was a gigantic penguin during the holidays at Navy Pier and I terrified children and adults at the Navy Pier Haunted House. My favorite character was Nigel the Evil Librarian of DOOOOOOOOM!

Since moving to Chicago I’m proud to have taught arts in the AmeriCorps program at the Northwestern University Settlement House and HEY!!!!!!! Pay attention to this part:

I am a member of the theater group Barrel of Monkeys. We teach creative writing to 3rd through 6th graders in the Chicago public schools and perform their stories for their school. The Monkeys also do a show called “That’s Weird, Grandma” showcasing the work of students from residencies we have done over the past four years. LEARN MORE!! Check out www.barrelofmonkeys.org.

I’ve also had lots of fun working with Ego Productions. Check out www.egoproductions.org/theater/.

I contributed a one page comic to The New Graphics Revival Kit Issue. I really like comics and this magazine really captures the storytelling aspects of the medium. Check out www.graphicsrevival.com.

This is the end of my bio. Thanks for reading it.

Grade: B- Lacks depth