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“Honest, vulnerable, and unflinching, this exploration of change, loss, loneliness, coincidence, and bugs offers ninety intense minutes of incredible and innovative theatre.”

- Chicago Splash
Jessie Bond

“Not only is the camaraderie apparent, the trust and love is also obvious. Even if they don’t buy into Harrison’s theory, they buy into her. [...] Director Jen Ellison orchestrates this in somber playfulness. ”

- The Fourth Walsh
The Fourth Walsh

“...associative group storytelling; leap frogging across time, space and form. ”

- Newcity
Kevin Greene

Saturn Returns

October 13 - November 19 2016

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Thurs. Fri. & Sat. @ 7:30pm 

(October 13th – November 19th)

Created by Tif Harrison

Directed by Jen Ellison

Featuring the writing and performances of Kurt Chiang, Tif Harrison, Lily Mooney, Kirsten Riiber, & Andrew Tham





Six months after turning 29, Saturn Returns creator, Tif Harrison, received a crash course in loss. Her mother’s cross-country move, the death of her father and a break-up had Harrison reaching into the corners of the universe for anything that would stand still. Saturn Returns is a Neo-Futuristic exploration that asks larger existential questions about time, patience, and the vast expanse of an unknowable universe. Tif Harrison and ensemble look upward and outward, offering observations on the silence and solitude of space, on the uncrossable distances between celestial bodies and the intimacy of standing next to somebody you love. Saturn Returns examines both the astronomical and astrological implications of Saturn’s solar orbit— a 29-year journey— to observe various dramatic changes that have manifested in the lives of the individuals on stage. Can you be taught to believe? Harrison and crew are on a mission to find out.

photo cred: Joe Mazza at Brave Lux

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