Lily Mooney

Education Coordinator

Ensemble since 2012

(Sound of night bugs chittering.)

(Sound of a bobby pin manipulating a lock.)

(Sound of footsteps on marble.)

(Sound of several stepped over thresholds.)

(Sound of official papers disturbed.)

(Sound of decision.)

(Sounds 2-­5 again, in reverse.)

(Prolonged sound of night bugs.)

(Sound of a distant bonfire: voices, laughter, toasting glasses, burning leaves.)


Lily Mooney is a writer, performer and teacher in Chicago. Since 2012, she has been an ensemble member of The Neo-Futurists, where she makes short plays for the company’s flagship show, The Infinite Wrench. She is the writer of many plays, including “the day that everyone else had tickets to see Purity Ring,” “Fake Vomit Contest (part two),” and “WHAT: Secret Meeting. WHEN: Right Now. WHERE: Your Armpits.” With Kurt Chiang, she co-creates and produces The Arrow, a experimental storytelling show that collides prose, plays, and improvisation. Other Neo-Futurist credits include Saturn Returns, (writer/performer) and The Neo-Futurists: Body (contributing writer). Mooney studied and performed improv at The Annoyance Theatre and holds an MFA from Northwestern University.

Lily’s premiere Prime Time show, Empty Threats, is open now. Get your tickets here.