The Infinite Wrench

With new plays every week,TIW is The Neo-Futurists’ ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live theatre.

50 weekends of the year
Friday/Saturday at 11:30pm
Sunday at 7:00pm

Tickets $10–20

Happening Now...

The Infinite Wrench

THE INFINITE WRENCH is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for a live audience. Each play offers something different, be it funny, profound, elegant, disgusting, topical, irreverent, ...

REMEMBER THE ALAMO // In this world premiere production, an ensemble will take over The Neo-Futurist Theater, refuse to leave, and obstruct all production in the theater until the audience, ...

Behind the Scenes with Remember the Alamo

Just one of a few ways the cast of REMEMBER THE ALAMO gets ready for the show...playing "Light To Dark" -- a game that they came up with all by ...

The Egg Wrench

A One-Night-Only event on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019, featuring our favorite “egg” plays from the past 30 years. The Egg Wrench will be messy. It’ll be about moms of ...

Joanna Jamerson

Ensemble Member (2017–NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “dedicated to the cement man on lsd on lsd,” “my trip to australia, but with a better ending,” and “ef for ...

Trent Creswell

Ensemble Member (2017-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “NEO-FUTURIST T-SHIRT LAUNCHER,” “A’Capella Karaoke Unabridged,” and “V for Vendetta// D for Dumbass.”

Jasmine Henri Jordan

Ensemble Member (2017-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “Disruptive,”” “Jasmine’s Plato’s The Apology,” and “A Two-Minute Pitch for a One-Minute Play.”

Neil Bhandari

Ensemble Member (2017-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “superbluebloodmoon,” “A Tender Ballad for the highly Cultured Lovers of Fine Art in the House Tonight,” and “The President’s Actual Butt.”

Ida Cuttler

Ensemble Member (2014-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “Reverse Mermaid,” “Everyone is Welcome in Nonsense Corner,: and “I took a minute before my lunch break to replace all of ...

Kate Hardiman

What you think I do: What I actually do: [see above .gif] — Kate Hardiman is a technician, designer, stage manager, and production manager about town. She works in the ...

Dan Kerr-Hobert

Ensemble Member (2012-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “What’s the opposite of a get away car?,” “30 seconds of today at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,” and “Crushed By Metaphor.”

Essay: Nick Remembers

Remembering, reflecting, and possibly even regurgitating, Neo-Futurist Nick Hart puts down some thoughts on where his show came from, and how it's going so far. Tiny Little Lines In the ...