January 12, 2018

The Arrow is an enlivened reading series that subjects written true stories to spontaneous interruptions. In two years, The Neo-Futurists have produced a number of Arrows, including The Arrow Quits Smoking, The Arrow Cracks, and The Arrow Takes a Leap, each with its own original collection of writings, short plays, horseplay, absurdities and lines of questioning. On January 12th at 7:30PM, for one night only, The Arrow returns to feature the writing, presence and power of Hal Baum, Leslie Buxbaum-Danzig, Kurt Chiang, Micaela McCabe, Annabel Lang, Jorge Silva, Mary Tilden, J Van Ort and Vic Wynter; plus, Kate Hardiman on tech, with direction from Lily Mooney.

The Arrow is created by Kurt Chiang and Lily Mooney.

Artistic Team