Oh, Darling! It’s Too Much (Light)!

Lily Mooney and Malic White jump back into theĀ Neo-Futurist performing ensemble this weekend to bring you FOUR NEW PLAYS that will give you FOUR TOTALLY DIFFERENT FEELINGS this weekend. Come by early on Friday to see MORE ART for FREE! How, you ask? INFILTRATION hits its second week this Friday, and the State Park will featureĀ  dancer and choreographer Darling Shear before Too Much Light. You won’t want to miss this magic–I promise.

Check out this video to get a taste of the glamour Darling Shear will bring to the Neo-Futurarium before you see the rest of us ragamuffins run around and yell and grab numbers from the clothesline:
[vimeo 71611079 w=425 h=350]

photo credit: Molly FitzMaurice

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