Charger Pick Up And Air Conditioning Delivery

*The following times are all approximations*

Wednesday night, 11:30 p.m.:

Ida picks up a macbook computer charger from the office table.


she says, out loud to no one,  and then places it back on the office table.

Wednesday night, 1 a.m.:

Ida is editing an emotionally important email  on her couch. She’s almost done…when her computer dies.

The charger is not in her stylish backpack, not in her other stylish messenger bag, or on her stylish kitchen table.

It is on the office table, at the Neofuturarium.

Thursday, 8 a.m.:

Ida realizes that the draft of the email she was writing can be edited from her phone. She says

out loud, to no one, and then  she gets up, puts on running shoes and jogs to the theater to retrieve the charger.

Thursday, 8:30 a.m:

Ida reaches the door of the Neofuturarium. Sweatily, she approaches two men in uniform who are standing there. They are holding a clipboard, and the uniforms  say “Integrity Cooling.”

The men want to know two things.

1. How to get in the theater

2. Where they can park their big ol truck that contains the air conditioning unit that will replace our theater’s broken one.

Ida notices the truck says “Integrity Cooling: Air Conditioning” and then in bigger letters under it “Our Name Says it All” Ida thinks there things: true. what a stupid motto. good thing i left my charger here to let them in.

Thursday 8:35 a.m:

Ida has the following conversation over the phone:

IC: Hi Kendal?

KK: (sleepy) Hi.

IC: I’m sorry to wake you up. Um. The air-conditioning people are here?

KK: What? They told me they were coming between 10-11:30!

IC: Oh.

KK: I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Thursday 8:40 a.m-9:10 a.m.:

Ida picks up her charger from the office table.

Ida prints out the conductor’s intro and outro speech to memorize.

The integrity cooling men survey our hot little theater. 

Despite weird looks from cooling men, Ida rehearses the speeches.This weekend is her first time conducting. She wants to nail it.

Together, they all wait for managing director, Kendall Karg.

Thursday 9:15 a.m:

Kendall enters the theater.

KK: It is so HOT in here. (to Ida) How have you guys been able to stand it? and with 150 more bodies?

IC: We’ve adapted. We’ve become rainforest creatures. We are all Tucans.

The uniformed men begin their cooling work, dripping with sweat. Dripping with integrity.

Thursday 3:17 pm

Ida writes this blogpost  on her stylish couch while her computer is happily plugged in and charging. Ida hopes the blog post will encourage people to come to the show Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There will be 10 new plays, Ida has the intro and outro speech super memorized, and most importantly: it won’t be so dang HOT in there.

You can do this, too.

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