Summer 2023

Neo-Lab is The Neo-Futurists’ in-house residency to support the development of a full-length Neo-Futurist mainstage show. The 2022-2023 Season residency will support the development of Elements of Style conceived by Ensemble Member Trent Lunsford and Mary Kate Ashe. 

Elements of Style is a Neo-Futurist musical exploring themes of language and identity in Strunk and White’s classic grammar guide and in EB White’s greater body of children’s literature.
// Summer 2023 //


Written by Trent Lunsford, Mary Kate Ashe, Joanna Jamerson, and Connor Shioshita Pickett
Choreography by Leah Urzendowski and music by Trent Lunsford


Take a look at the work in progress…

Episode 1:


Episode 2:

Episode 3: