Connor Shioshita Pickett

Artistic Director

Ensemble since 2017

my best self is doing tai-chi on the mountaintop at dawn after getting beat up in the previous act. wrote a play in 2012 and never had a bad day again. before you get in that line for that brunch place make sure the brunch place exists.

throw me in the back of a rented black semi truck and gaff tape my heart to my brain to my fate // I’m not the real Connor


Connor is a theatermaker, writer, musician, educator, and arts worker. Their work has appeared with American Theater Company, Bricolage Production Company, big TEEN, Non-State Actors and many more; as a Neo-Futurist, he has performed and taught since 2018. They are the human element of computer band PRECARIAT and the current Artistic Director of the Neo-Futurist Theater. Online @corporatebailout &