March 4 - April 27, 2019

SPECIAL EVENT!: BAR TRIVIA w/ colby burnett AND Pwyc THURSDAY OF remember the alamo!

We’re pleased to have JEOPARDY! Champion Colby Burnett host a night of bar trivia following the final pay-what-you-can performance of Nick Hart’s Remember the Alamo! — Catch ALAMO at 7:30, and stick around immediately after, as Colby hosts a lighting round of good-hearted and challenging questions to get your brain twisted up in a way you’d never be able to do with that uninspired crossword app you downloaded a year ago.

Thursday, April 25th / Remember the Alamo @ 7:30, Bar Trivia w/Colby Burnett following. Tickets here.

INFO ABOUT BAR TRIVIA:  Game will go for about 30 minutes. Only audience members of Remember the Alamo will be admitted. Drinks donated at no extra charge. Teams of up to 5 can compete. RSVPs appreciated; please email that you plan on attending, or note in the comment section upon purchase of tickets.

Colby will take donations at the game in support of the Noble Network Quiz Bowl League.

Remember the Alamo

Created by Nick Hart

Directed by Kurt Chiang

Previews February 28 – March 2

Opening Night Monday, March 4

Runs Thursday-Saturday until April 27

All performances begin at 7:30PM.

Tickets: $10-$25 (all Thursdays & previews are “pay what you can”)


In this world premiere production, an ensemble will take over The Neo-Futurist Theater, refuse to leave, and obstruct all production in the theater until the audience, actors and management work to recreate the Battle of the Alamo in its entirety, leading to its sad bloody conclusion. Created by Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member Nick Hart, Remember the Alamo is Neo-Lab’s 2017-18 commission.


Want to know more about the show? Check out this essay that Nick wrote. Maybe its got some hot tips, you know?


Cast: Brenda Arellano, Hal Baum, Nancy Casas, Nick Hart, and Steve Mosqueda (w/ Dave Maher as “The Death Concierge”)

Production: Kurt Chiang (Director), Mitchell Chapman (Stage Manager), Kate Hardiman (Production Manager), Lily Mooney (Script Supervisor), John Wilson (Scenic Designer), Parker Langvardt (Projection Designer), Uriel Gomez (Costume Designer), Antonio Gracias (Sound Designer), Jorge Silva (Lighting Designer), Lenny Fritsch (Asst. Stage Manager).


Neo-Lab is an original works residency originally launched in 2015 by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Artistic Team


Nick Hart

Nick / "William B. Travis"

Brenda Arellano

Brenda / "Santa Anna"

Hal Baum

Hal / "Phil Collins"

Nancy Casas

Nancy / "James Bowie"

Steve Mosqueda

Steve / "Davy Crockett"

Dave Maher

Death Concierge


Kurt Chiang


Mitchell Chapman

Stage Manager

Kate Hardiman

Production Manager

Lily Mooney

Script Supervisor

Lenny Fritsch

Asst. Stage Manager

Uriel Gomez

Costume Designer

Antonio M. Gracias

Sound Designer

Parker Langvardt

Projection Designer

Jorge Silva

Lighting Designer

John Ross Wilson

Scenic Designer