We’re doing a thing. It’s in our home, and we’re hoping you can make it.

Through the weekend of July 21 – 24, we’re inviting people over to 5153 N. Ashland. Normally when we do that it’s really late at night and we ask that you wait in a line in the cold for a while before we let you in. For this thing, we begin at a more reasonable time and the door is open.

We’re calling the thing The Neo-Futurist Kitchen (a micro-festival on art & performance). At The Kitchen, we’ll highlight some of our on-going Prime-Time work, including the latest development of Tif Harrison’s Saturn Returns, and the fourth installment of Kurt Chiang and Lily Mooney’s year-long exploration of The Arrow. We’ve asked other artists and performers we like to come and show our audiences their work as well. So it’s a full event, with a lot of art, all under one roof in Chicago.

Why “kitchen?”

“Kitchen” is a nod to a few things. For one, our forefathers of the Italian Futurists published The Futurist Cookbook in the early 20th century. Their cookbook was filled with imaginative recipes and subversive happenings meant to explode the classical dining experience of society and the world and also change art forever, all while driving automobiles and exclaiming loudly. As Neo-Futurists, we pick and choose what we steal from Marinetti and that whole lot, and concerning this they’re helping us give it a name.


When we say “The Neo-Futurist Kitchen,” we’re specifically talking about a place. In our theater we actually have a kitchen, and after we perform our work and restore our space, we’ll often convene there. All casts, companies, artists have a way of doing this, of decompressing after doing a show. The kitchen is where we’ll recap what just happened– what worked, what didn’t, what we want to try and do better tomorrow night. That’s the spirit of this ‘micro-festival,’ as we’re calling it. For a weekend in the summer, we’re inviting some of our friends whose art we like into our house. We’re getting some performers, actors, movers, dancers. We’d like some puppets, some clowns. Everyone will show off a little of what they do, and then we’ll talk about how it went, and how it’s going.


We practice a very particular brand of performance, but we also believe our work fits into a distinct cultural identity of our home in Chicago and the world at large. The Neo-Futurist Kitchen is one of our many attempts to examine that further.

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