Primetime Show History

The Neo-Futurist Revenger’s Tragedy

October 27 - December 3 1994

A new adaptation of a 17th Century classic.

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70 Scenes of Halloween

October 20 - December 4 1993

A frightfully funny set of Halloween shorts.

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February 5 - 20 1993

A travelogue of love, loss, and southeast Asia.

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Blushing Under The Mushroom

March 27 - April 18 1992

Eleven true-life monologues from Allen, Awl, Buscani and Halliday.

An evening of spoken-word performance pieces.

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Nothing (a dumb group-solo performance piece)

Winter 1990

Binky the Futurist Clown demonstrates the show.

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Fall 1990

A new collaborative performance about a single date in time.

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Fall 1989

A new adaptation of King Lear contextualized for the end of the 1980s.

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