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November 19 2015

Furthering The Neo-Futurists’ dedication to collaborative creation and experimental structure, Neo Ensemble Members Kurt Chiang and Lily Mooney launch The Arrow.   The Arrow is a quarterly storytelling show that subjects written essays to spontaneous interventions. In each performance, an ensemble of writer-performers will question, interrupt, and add to each other’s work, pushing beyond their first creations in search of something else: something more honest and more live.

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Too Much Light Makes the Baby GAME POSITIVE: 30 Digital Plays in 60 Analog Minutes, is a one-weekend-only video-gaming twist on our long-running classic Too Much Light. If you're into battling Alien Nazis, saving the Princess, or just Crushing the Candy, Game Positive will be a night of Neo-Futurism focused on the games we play and why we play them.

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Neo-Lab: SATURN RETURNS Workshop and Open House

October 15 2015

Join us for the first open house of Neo-Lab, showcasing Saturn Returns, created by Tif Harrison, on Thursday, October 15 at 7:30pm at The Neo-Futurarium! The evening will be a workshop and open house of our devising methodology, excerpts from the Lab, and an opportunity for audiences to mingle and ask questions of the creators. Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine is happy to be the evening’s Opening Night Partner, providing their signature artisan cheeses and bread, and the event will include libations as well.

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Trust Us / Screw You

May 7 - June 17 2015

Dan and Phil have been cheated! (And now it's your turn.) Join creators Dan Kerr-Hobert and Phil Ridarelli as they share everything they've learned about cons and con men and how the con game has shaped Chicago, our pasts, and our futures. 

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February 19 - March 28 2015

Digital technology allows journalists to capture the defining moments of our time quicker and more comprehensively than any other tool in the history of the press. But is faster necessarily better?

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October 16 - November 29 2014

The stage blood is in the water. Pseudo-Chum juxtaposes the creation (The Rehearsal) and the production (The Performance) of Chum with the destruction of the playwright (The Interview).

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August 8 - September 26 2014

The Neo-Futurists and Salonathon infiltrate each other's spaces for a unique series of collaborative events! Come early to TML Fridays through August and September to see some of the best musicians, poets, dancers, and other performers in Chicago.

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May 22 - July 11 2014

NOW EXTENDED THROUGH JULY 11!   Trevor examines his fascination with physical combat by staging Tears of Shanghai, an action movie he wrote when he was 12 years old. Casting himself as Russell Dakota, a grizzled maverick evading the Nazis, Trevor attempts to create a world where the lines between right and wrong are clearly defined.

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The Sovereign Statement

October 17 - December 14 2013

JEFF RECOMMENDED! Using the genre conventions of political thrillers and procedurals, The Neo-Futurists explore the strange phenomenon of “micro-nations” by attempting to establish their theater as an independent state in its own right, utilizing the audience as citizens of the endeavor. Can the new Neo-Futurist nation survive? And if so, should it?

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Sweet Child of Mine

September 5 - 21 2013

Sweet Child of Mine is an inter-generational performance investigation featuring Australian performer Bron Batten and her 60 year-old parents live onstage, discussing art, theater and what Bron actually does for a living. Their insights are earnest, poignant, and painfully hilarious as they ask themselves and the audience, what exactly is the point of art?

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