Primetime Show History

44 Plays for 44 Presidents

October 4 - November 17 2012

The Founding Fathers and their presidential descendants return to the Neo-Futurarium in a re-imagining of our 2001 hit. Written by Andy Bayiates, Sean Benjamin, Genevra Gallo, Chloe Johnston, and Karen Weinberg; directed by Halena Kays.

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The Strange and Terrible True Tale of Pinocchio (The Wooden Boy) as Told By Frankenstein’s Monster (The Wretched Creature)

March 8 - April 14 2012

Frankenstein's creature narrates the tale of fellow man-made monster Pinocchio, seeking to understand why Carlo Collodi's mischievous cautionary brat has enjoyed an undeserved lifetime of forgiveness. Written and directed by Greg Allen.

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Burning Bluebeard

November 7 - December 30 2011

During a 1903 matinee performance of Mr. Bluebeard, Chicago's regal Iroquois Theater caught fire, killing 600 people in the worst disaster of its kind. Now the ghosts of that disaster rise to retell the story try and possibly prevent the tragedy from happening again. Written by Jay Torrence and directed by Halena Kays.

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Chalk & Saltwater: The Ladder Project

September 15 - October 22 2011

The Ladder was the longest-running Broadway flop in history. A group of performers take on the yearlong project of unearthing the many versions of the play, as well as the men who wrote, produced, and kept it alive long after audiences had stopped coming. Conceived by John Pierson.

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It Came From the Neo-Futurarium X: Battle for the Neo-Futurarium!

June 16 - August 18 2011

Our ten year extravaganza of bad film staged-readings!

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Performing Tonight: Liza Minnelli’s Daughter

April 24 - June 4 2011

Is Mary Fons Liza Minnelli's long-lost daughter? And what does it mean if so? In this energetic exploration of identity, addiction, and stardom, Mary attempts to connect to the legendary stage and screen actress, and possibly be whisked away to the life she always dreamed of. Written by Mary Fons and directed by Sonja Moser.

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Laika Dog in Space

February 3 - March 12 2011

The New York Neo-Futurists transplant their hit show from Manhattan to the Neo-Futurarium! A fantastic new fable about Laika, the first living earth creature in space, touching on themes of loneliness, connection, and borscht. Written by Jill Beckman, Eevin Hartsough, and Rob Neill; directed by Phil Ridarelli.

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Daredevils’ Hamlet

August 19 - September 25 2010

The Daredevils return to take on the most melancholy of Danes! Watch what happens as one of the greatest works of world literature is run through Neo-Futurist jackassery. Conceived by Ryan Walters and directed by Halena Kays.

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It Came From the Neo-Futurarium IX: The Perils of the Neo-Futurarium!

July 1 - August 5 2010

A ninth go-round of staged readings of the worst films of the 20th Century!

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CRISIS: A Musical Game Show

April 29 - June 12 2010

What better way to respond to our nose-diving economy than to re-imagine the desperate corporate climb as an over-the-top game show, complete with nine randomly performed musical numbers and one lucky audience winner taking home up to a third of the night's box office? Conceived and devised by John Pierson, Dan Kerr-Hobert, and Clifton Frei.

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