The Neo-Futurist’s 2016-17 Season

2016 - 17


Dive deep into Outer Space with Saturn Returns, past the magical world of unicorns and clowns with The? Unicorn? Hour?, and back home in time for a warm meal with The Food Show. Too Much Light and The Arrow are back. Tangles & Plaques and The Infinite Whale are just getting started. Arrive hungry and leave full. You are welcome.

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Nail down all your tickets ahead of time with a Prime Time Subscription. This gets you tickets to Saturn Returns, The? Unicorn? Hour?, The Food Show and each seasonal round of The Arrow. Plus, one bonus admission to any Neo-Lab Workshop performance of Tangles and Plaques. Valued at $150, you can have it all for only $65.


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Prime-Time Premieres

Created by Tif Harrison

October 13 – November 19, 2016

The uncrossable distances between celestial bodies and the intimacy of standing next to somebody you love.



Created by Leah Urzendowski and Anthony Courser

April 6 – May 13, 2017

A fight against the no, a call to find your inner rumpus, a provocation to remove the film and seek the beauty that is saying YES.



Created by Dan Kerr-Hobert and Caitlin Stainken

July 27 – September 2, 2017

A multi-city production on farms, in restaurants, and around family tables, cooking up the future of food and how it brings us together.


On-Going & Ever-Changing

Created by Greg Allen, Written by The Neo-Futurist Ensemble

Our never-ending, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. And hey, at 28 years it’s still the longest running production in Chicago history.



Created by Kurt Chiang and Lily Mooney

The Arrow is a new Neo-Futurist experiment: a recurring show that subjects written stories to spontaneous interventions.




Created by Nick Hart

An ensemble writes an infinite number of experimental plays, each one infinitely long, and performs them simultaneously in encroaching darkness.



Neo-Lab presents

Created by Kirsten Riiber

Exploring the life and death of memories; the ways they persist, the ways they depart, and the ways they may distort over time.

[A Neo-Lab Original Works Residency]



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